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Alright is a Sino-Qatar joint venture company , began in Ningbo with a group of dedicated professionals setting up a new company with the objective of providing comprehensive Logistics and Supply Chain Management Services. Now we are present in 150 nations across continents operating through certified and dedicated network of agents and service partners. Over the oceans, over the seas, in the air and on the roads, we work 24/7 braving the rough and tumble to reach your cargo right on the dot. We are the pioneers of cargo detailing services that involves detailed assessment of cargo, its contents and nature, statutory requirements prior to acceptance and after taking over the shipping assignment.
Our Services
  • Air Freight
  • Sea Freight
  • Customs Clearance
  • Logistics
  • Road Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Cold Chain Business
We provide not only traditional logistic services , but also diversified logistic solutions.
A Simplified Digital LTL Solution
Our online platform allows you to instantly quote, book, track, and manage your LTL shipments.
Starting Up Your Supply Chain
Our experience in building supply chains helps set up you and your start up for long-term success.
LCL Solutions
Alright offers a variety of LCL solutions to help you achieve predictability and reliability within your supply chain.
Order Management: Think two steps ahead
Alright Order Management empowers you to be proactive about your supply chain and take control before issues arise.
Service Process
Engaged in professional cargo detailing solutions
Preliminary assessment & assignment sheduling
Localized doorstep collection
Outbound customs clearance
Transfer/movement through partnered carriers
Warehousing/de-stuffing/container release
Inbound customs clearance
Doorstep Delivery
Assignment conclusion & account settlement